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Send Us A Drawing Or Picture

Have a plan already?Send us a sketch, picture or simply a rough drawing to show your idea. No matter how complicated your design is, we’ll make it happen.We create realistic 3D renderings of the final product, so you can know exactly what you’re getting before you order, which allows you to modify the design freely before sampling.Have a cool idea but are not sure where to begin? Turn to our creative designers to get some suggestions. We will guide you every step of the way.

Usb Drive Customization
Usb Drive Customization

Create Your Drive From Any Materials

At Sino-Memory, creativeness of design is limitless and possibilities of material are endless.

Nearly any materials are acceptable, including wood, silicone, metal, plastic, leather and more. We can also add moving parts and accessories like a keyring as you wish.

With unlimited material choices,we can achieve all customers’ needs for various applications with perfect solutions.

Feel free to tell us your requirements and let’s create a new design for your business.

Highlight Your Logo With Our Crafts

An eye-catching brand logo will create unforgettable impression on your targeted customers, and CreasunTech will offer various choices to achieve your needs.

Usb Drive Customization

Screen Printing

As one of the most effective techniques, it can recreate multi color images of your logo at affordable prices.

Usb Drive Customization

Laser Engraving

It allows you to print your image on various materials like wood, plastic, metal, stone and glass with perfect details.

Usb Drive Customization

Pad Printing

It helps us transfer a 2D image on a 3D object, vividly presenting your design & logo with every detail reproduced accurately.

Usb Drive Customization

Full Color Printing

Creating eye-catching colors, detail of textures and unique shapes, it can meet the most complicated colors your logo needs.

Usb Drive Customization

Roller Printing

It can reproduce the most complicated designs, and perfectly print a multicolor pattern of various parts, each of which needs to blend together aesthetically while avoiding mismatches at the conjunction points.

Usb Drive Customization

Hot Printing

By using a die to create an impression onto the material via a foil, it will adapt no solvents or inks in this process, being a simple and eco-friendly crafts which we would like to promote.

Usb Drive Customization

Water Transfer Printing

By using water as a dissolving medium, it can print a color pattern carried by the transfer paper or transfer film onto the chosen materials accurately. Working together with other printing crafts, it can recreate the most exquisite logo image.

Usb Drive Customization

Design Your DriveTo Achieve Functions Needed

If you have a specific need on functions, such as capacity, types of interface, speeds, we will meet all your needs concurrently.

  • USB Interface:

  • Storage Capacity:

    1G, 2G, 4G, 8G, 16G, 32G, 64G, 128G, 256G

  • Connection Port:

    Type A, Type C, Micro-B, Lightning.

Quotation Covers All Details

Based on your requirements on materials and functions, we will send you a professional quotation which covers all details, including sketch of design, budget of casing, chip, logo printing and more.

By doing so, you can balance your budget and margin better, and make adjustment easily.

Moreover, that guarantees there are no hidden fees in any order.

Usb Drive Customization
Usb Drive Customization
Usb Drive Customization
Usb Drive Customization
Usb Drive Customization
Usb Drive Customization

OEM & ODM Custom Package

For wholesale business or personal usage, we have 2 types of paper box for you to print brand image, logo or other information.

To match with your customized USB flash drives or to highlight your brand, we offer ODM packaging to meet all your needs. By doing so, you can enhance competitiveness in retail and gift market. Moreover, we will help you source other products to set a whole gift box for free.

Custom Pacakage For Business