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Why phone battery is not working well in a year!

The screen resolution of smartphones is getting higher and higher, and the CPU performance is getting stronger and stronger. However, the battery life has not improved for many years. It is very good to use a mobile phone that can last a whole day under heavy use.

Many people are used to plugging the phone into the charger the night before, charging for one night until dawn, and getting up 100% of the electricity after getting out.

Although today’s smartphones have a well-established overcharge protection mechanism to prevent damage to the battery, they do not control the battery heating. Especially if you put your phone under the pillow or charge it on the bed overnight.

Phone Arena has released some data on the relationship between cell phone charge percentage, temperature and battery life decay.

According to research data from BatteryUniversity, 40% of the battery is charged at 40 °C, and the battery can retain 85% of its life after one year. It has been charged to 100%, leaving only 65% of life after one year. Simply put, the higher the temperature, the higher the charge ratio (for example, to 100%), the faster the battery life decays.

See the table below for details:

Why phone battery is not working well in a year!

Phone Arena points out that charging the battery to 40%-80% gives the battery the best life. With sporadic time, it is best to charge in a short time and multiple times.