Usb Manufacturing

Superior Performance From Superior Chips

To guarantee the quality, transfer speed, storage capacity and working life of all USB flash drives manufactured at Sino-Memory workshop, we only accept high-quality raw material from well-known suppliers of good reputation.

Meanwhile, to help customers better balance the quality and cost , we offer chips of different rates for customers to choose, including chips from Toshiba, Micron, Samsung, which can be certified by ChipGenius software.

In this way, you can better control costs, and offer flexible solutions to meet the needs of different applications at your local market.

Creative Outer Casing Designs Guaranteed

With the support of our reliable outer casing factories that have been in cooperation for more than 5 years, we can better manage the production progress and control quality.

To ensure the completion of creative casing designs, we choose suppliers that boast the best equipment and crafts. By doing so, your creative ideas will not compromise to limited production capability. For example, our color printing of logos are created by imported Roland machine and ink, presenting better performance.

At Sino-Memory, all promises to customers will be guaranteed by our tireless efforts.

Usb Manufacturing

Quality-Focused Mass Production

Based on superior chips and outer cases, we will focus on the final product manufacturing and quality control in our own factory.

Usb Manufacturing

Raw Material Preparation

Our factory will prepare all raw materials before hand to ensure mass production goes on wheels.

Usb Manufacturing

Chips Test

We will adapt H2 software to test the capacity of every chip, eliminate the unqualified to prepare for the next stage.

Usb Manufacturing

Outer Cases Logo Printing

We will adopt different crafts to perfectly print your brand logo on outer cases of different raw materials.

Usb Manufacturing

Semi-Product Test

The PCB plate equipped with chip and USB interface will be tested by H2 software again to ensure the performance.

Usb Manufacturing


If the PCB plates perform well, they will be assembled together with outer cases to deliver a customized product.

Usb Manufacturing

Final Product Test

After assembly, we will inspect the appearance, capacity, and operation speed of all products completely before packaging.