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Which power bank suits my device?

Depending on individual needs and requirements, there are several general criteria to consider when selecting a power bank:

a) Capacity

For example if your phone battery is 2000mAh, a power bank nearly 3000mAh can charge your phone 1 time. Because battery cell is 3.7V. And phone need 5V. 3.7V/5V=0.74.  Also need consider conversion rates. In the market,noramally 60-70% compare with real capacity. 

b) Number of output

1 output to charge 1 device, 2 outputs can charge 2 devices.

c) Output specification

1A-1.5A output is generally for smart-phones, 1.5A-2.0A output is generally for tablets.

d) Support wireless/quick charge or not

Many new mobile phone can support wireless/quick charger.